Payments to governments

Shell believes greater transparency about the payments we make to governments is an important way to increase trust. That is why we voluntarily publish details of payments we make to the UK government.

We pay taxes and royalties to governments around the world. In the UK Shell paid around $93 million in tax on its profits to the UK government in 2013.

Shell believes that greater transparency about the payments we make can help build trust between our business and the communities where we work. 

That is why we are a founder member of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) that the UK government in 2002. The EITI works to increase the transparency of revenues governments receive from oil and mineral activities. We continue to work on this issue and support a mandatory global reporting rule for extractive industries. We are working with others to find a practical way of achieving this.

UK tax strategy

Shell’s Tax strategy supports our global strategy. Shell’s UK Tax Strategy published in response to Finance Act 2016 s161 Schedule 19.

Read more about the UK tax strategy

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