Shell St Fergus has been operating alongside North of Scotland coastal communities for over 30 years. Our aim is to be a good neighbour by managing our operations well and helping to contribute to the well-being of local communities.

We are a big employer in the area with approximately 120 to 180 people typically working at the plant depending on activity levels, and we bring wider social and economic benefits to the area including the use of local goods and services by the plant and the workforce, and an active social investment programme.

In the UK, we focus our social investment on supporting community development (including sponsorships and donations) near our sites and offices, inspiring more young people to study STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), and supporting innovative low-carbon start-ups.

Supporting STEM Education

Shell aims to provide the opportunity and resources for young people to engage in STEM. Through our Energy Quest Programme and Young Engineers clubs we have engaged hundreds of young people across schools in the north-east of Scotland. Our STEM programs are designed to make STEM subjects fun and interesting as well as introduce young people to the vast number of careers available in Science and Engineering.

Energy Quest

Shell has invested over £3million in Energy Quest, an in-school workshop that’s already given over 215,000 students from almost 1,500 schools, hands-on engineering experiences and careers information over the last six years.

The journey to inspire more young people about engineering starts in school. That’s why Shell has been supporting this in-class programme since 2014. The Energy Quest is a two-hour workshop that can be delivered by an experienced Energy Quest facilitator or remotely, via a student, or teacher-led activity.

Shell Girls in Energy

The Girls in Energy programme is a one-year course that is designed to open young women’s eyes to the energy industry’s wealth of career opportunities. Delivered in partnership by North East Scotland College and Fife College, the programme delivers weekly lessons, workshops and field visits to young women aged 14–16 in secondary education.

SCDI Young Engineers and Science Clubs

SCDI’s Young Engineers and Science Clubs Scotland (YESC) programme supports learners aged 3-18 and their teachers with a range of innovative STEM projects, developed with our industry partners. The interdisciplinary projects – accompanied by resource kits and teacher CPD courses – support teachers to tackle challenging STEM concepts through engaging activities; while supporting pupils to develop valuable skills and knowledge; to encourage uptake in STEM subjects and careers.

Tomorrow's Engineers

Shell has contributed over £1million to expand the Tomorrow’s Engineers programme throughout the UK. Over the last three years we’ve reached almost 60 secondary schools across Scotland. Our investment provides thousands of Scottish students between the ages of 11-14 hands-on engineering experiences and helps them explore the diverse range of opportunities that a technical career can provide.

Community Development

Shell Twilight

Shell Twilight runs in partnership with Scottish Sports Futures and is all about engaging young people in multi-sports. This can open the door to discussion and supporting young people around topics such as integration, self-efficacy, healthy lifestyles and good citizenship. Operating predominantly on Friday nights, the program targets areas where youth crime and disturbance is high. The police have reported a notable reduction in these incidents where Shell Twilight clubs are operating.

Buchan Development Partnership

We work closely with the Buchan Development Partnership (BDP) to deliver our community grants programme. The BDP is an independent, community-led initiative working with communities that are close to our operations at St Fergus. Based in the village of Maud, the partnership helps groups keep their community facilities running and tackles some of the pressing economic, social and environmental issues they face. For more information, please contact the BDP by email at or telephone 01771 613584.

Grants & Donations

Organisations involved in community projects or events close to our plant or operations can apply for support funding from the Shell Community Grant Fund. If you live in one of these communities, you can apply for funding of up to £1,000 for a single project via the Shell Community Grant web page. (Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Fife in the North East of Scotland, and Bacton in the East of England)

We also support local charities through our separate ‘Perfect Week’ initiative. Local charities benefit when staff at the plant complete a week without any process or safety incidents, and a donation is made into our community charity fund. Over the years, the staff have raised thousands of pounds for local causes and charities that often resonate closely with their families and friends.

Supporting Innovation

Shell StartUp Engine UK

We support innovative low-carbon start-ups through Shell StartUp Engine UK, a new programme replacing the long-running Shell LiveWIRE UK and Shell Springboard programmes. The initiative focuses on scale and growth-stage start-ups that are best placed to accelerate a fair and just energy transition, improve access to energy and help consumers make smarter energy choices. CEOs of these start-ups benefit from high-quality mentorship, access to potential investors and partners and being part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. It’s exactly these start-ups that can and will play a critical role in enabling clean and resilient growth in the future.

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