2020 was a challenging year for communities across the UK and the impacts of COVID-19 will likely be felt for a long time. That’s why we are supporting communities across the UK during the pandemic, including providing donations to foodbanks, supporting people who are sleeping rough, donating PPE to frontline NHS staff and helping schools with education resources. Find out more about this work here. Around the globe, Shell is also working hard to assist in the fight against the virus and to support recovery efforts, having donated $46 million to dateLearn more about Shell’s global efforts here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also shown us how crucial access to digital technology and skills is for working, for studying remotely, for applying for jobs and for staying connected to friends and family. The pandemic has also highlighted a digital divide in the UK, calling attention to the fact that, unfortunately, not everyone has the digital workplace skills needed to secure jobs in our ever-changing economy or, in some cases, access to an internet-enabled device.

That is why Shell has partnered with a range of fantastic organisations across the UK to help fund some exciting workplace skills training programmes and to help people stay connected.

Interested? Take a look at some of the programmes you could get involved in:

Fastfutures digital workplace skills and mentoring programme


Throughout 2021, we’re sponsoring FastFutures, a digital workplace skills and mentoring programme for young talent.

We are joining other employers in funding over 5,000 learners this year, to help them develop vital workplace and personal skills and prepare for the world of work.

Shell will be funding 400+ places on FastFutures’ programme for people who live close to our operations in Aberdeen, Fife, Norfolk and London, and we’re also providing IT equipment for participants completing the programme.

Learn more about the programme and register your interest here.

Hubub provides vulnerable people with free phones


Access to a smartphone can be a lifeline for vulnerable people isolating at home due to the pandemic.

That’s why Shell is working with Hubbub to provide close to 1,000 vulnerable people in South London with a phone and 12 months free credit provided by O2 which includes unlimited calls and texts and 6GB data a month.

Hubbub will also provide recipients with training on how to use their phones, from helping the elderly to place an online food order, to video calling with friends and family.

Learn more about this offer and help out by registering to donate a phone here.

LDN Apprenticeships job training

LDN Apprenticeships

We’re providing funding to LDN Apprenticeships, a social enterprise based in Lambeth who are offering an intensive training programme to help people in South London secure well-paid jobs.

LDN’s training will introduce 130 people to the Salesforce ecosystem and prepare them to gain accreditation as certified Salesforce Administrators. Salesforce is the world’s most successful CRM system and is used by over 150,000 companies around the world.

The course starts with an intensive two-week bootcamp, and all participants then receive ongoing support from the LDN Apprenticeships team to pass their Certified Administrator exam. In addition to the training, LDN offers matchmaking with potential employers as well as on-the-job support once you secure a role.

Learn more about this programme and register your interest here.

North Norfolk digital skills training

North Norfolk digital skills training

In North Norfolk, we’re funding digital skills training courses taking place throughout 2021 at a local college in Paston.

The team hope to create a digital hub to deliver essential skills training that unlocks the potential of adults aged 19+ in North East Norfolk. This digital training aims to help them gain or advance their employment opportunities.

Learn more about these courses and register your interest here.

Shell is committed to fighting the digital divide in the UK which, thanks to COVID-19, has become increasingly apparent. We believe that everyone – no matter your age, nationality or background – should have access to digital skills and technologies. So, if you think that taking part in any of these programmes would be of benefit to you or someone you know then we encourage you to register your interest via the links provided above.

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