We support communities near to our UK operations in a number of ways, through activities that meet community needs or address particular issues, often based on their suggestions. Our contribution to communities’ ranges from providing grants to local charities to supporting projects that help reduce crime in the area.


Find out how we are part of the local community delivering real lasting benefits, including how to apply for a Shell Community Grant.

St Fergus

Click through to see how we are involved in the local community around St Fergus, including the Buchan Development Partnership.


Find out how we aim to be a good neighbour at Bacton through sponsorships and donations, and our activities in education.

COVID support

COVID-19 is having a major impact on all our daily lives. Find out what Shell UK is doing to help customers, colleagues and local communities during these challenging times.

Supporting STEM

Engineers and scientists are essential to powering the UK economy and tackling global challenges, from climate change to disease.

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Grants for community groups that are local to our operations

‘Community grants’ of up to £1,000 are available to groups in the communities where we operate, namely our sites in Aberdeen city, Mossmorran in Fife, St Fergus near Peterhead, and Bacton on the Norfolk coast. These grants are available for both ongoing projects and for the sponsorship of events.

If you qualify your group being active or the project or event will have an impact in the community locations above, please download an application form. You will be asked to specify one of the communities listed above.

As this is a community initiative and we target the grants to benefit our neighbours, we regret we do not extend this offer beyond the communities where we operate, and we cannot process applications that do not meet the location criteria.

Shell UK has other social investment programmes that are active outside these areas where we operate.

Download an application form here

More on sustainability


Sustainability at Shell means providing more and cleaner energy solutions in a responsible way.

Shell StartUp Engine UK

Shell provides support to innovative low-carbon businesses and young entrepreneurs that help meet the challenges of a fast-growing population

Sustainability reporting

We have voluntarily reported – openly and honestly - on our environmental and social performance since 1997.