Young people are presented with lots of choices at school about which subjects to take, but it’s very hard to know what subjects will be right for them down the line. Your Life is a three year campaign that aims to show the dynamic career opportunities unlocked by studying science and Maths, and thereby drive uptake of Maths and Physics at A Level. Girls particularly need more encouragement to take these subjects.

The campaign is backed by government and led by a team of Your Life ambassadors, which includes some of the UK’s most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs and scientists, alongside nine of the UK's leading employers from the science, technology and engineering sector, including Shell.

Your Life is challenging the barriers to studying these subjects through thought-provoking videos and information that speaks to young people through their favourite channels, including social media. The Campaign is also utilising its ambassador network of remarkable, influential women to bring-to-life the exciting opportunities on offer.

To find out more visit Your Life website at

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