Careers in engineering can be really exciting and rewarding, but many people have outdated views about what engineering is and what engineers do. This is Engineering is looking to re-brand the profession by talking to young people about the engineering that shapes the things they love, like sport, fashion and tech. It then follows this up with great careers information from Tomorrow’s Engineers.

Myth busting around engineering, and STEM more broadly, is an integral part of Shell’s STEM programmes. That’s why we’re keen to join this mission to provide up-to-date, modern views on engineering. The campaign is designed to illustrate that engineering is for everyone; it’s varied, creative and innovative and engineers come from a variety of backgrounds.

Shell’s STEM education programmes play an important role in nurturing the next generation and supporting STEM education, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re working together with This Is Engineering and its partners to create impact at scale – and whilst that’s a big challenge, it’s also an exciting one.

To find at more, follow the campaign on Twitter at @ThisIsEng or visit

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