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Shell has donated over £3million to Energy Quest, an in-school workshop programme run by EngineeringUK. Shell’s donation has already given over 215,000 students, from almost 1,500 schools, hands-on engineering experiences and careers information over the last six years.

The journey to inspire more young people about engineering starts in school. That’s why Shell has been supporting this in-school programme since 2014. Energy Quest is a two-hour workshop that is delivered by an experienced Energy Quest facilitator or remotely, via a student, or teacher-led activity.

The workshop is for students aged 11-14 years and is designed to unlock their inner engineer as they explore sustainable energy sources. Students are immersed in a real-life situation and challenged to save the day using practical engineering skills and by putting themselves in the shoes of engineers, they explore different energy sources and investigate energy transfer as they design a solution to power a mobile phone. The workshop experience supports young people to join the dots between engineering skills, jobs and energy in a way that is relevant to them. Where possible, engineers join the session to share how their personal passions led them into engineering roles and they will answer questions from students to bring engineering to life.

Find out more about Energy Quest, including how your school can book a free workshop. 


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