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Shell is a strategic partner and funder of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Connecting STEM Teachers Programme (CST).

The programme aims to:

  • Help teachers understand how to link engineering to their STEM subject, whether it’s in physics or geography, maths or IT
  • Work with schools in more deprived areas to tackle their unique challenges – including how to increase the appeal of engineering careers among underserved and underrepresented pupils
  • Improve student progression to STEM subjects post 16 years

The programme is delivered by Teaching Coordinators (TC’s) who support 900 teachers across 48 regional networks.

The TC’s deliver Continual Professional Development (CPD) to help teachers use the latest STEM resources and train them to deliver Collaborative Projects where STEM teachers and students from different schools work together on practical activities requiring teamwork. The projects aim to provide a range of different STEM activities, highlight and increase awareness of engineering careers and encourage pupils to think about future opportunities.

Since the launch of the CST programme in 2011, around 7,500 teachers have participated in network meetings and there have been nearly 500,000 student beneficiaries.


STEM in schools

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STEM partnerships

Shell partners with other organisations to deliver inspiring STEM programmes and to increase the number and diversity of people choosing to study engineering.

STEM careers

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