The Shell Engineering Scheme is a highly sought after and prestigious training programme run in partnership with North East Scotland College (NESCol). It was launched in 2002 to develop the local skills needed to build and operate the Goldeneye Project at St Fergus.

The Scheme is a bespoke programme designed to enable young people to access training that helps them secure engineering jobs in the energy sector. It is an intense course, over a two year period, with a mix of practical and theoretical work that helps students prepare for the world of work.

The students graduate with a PEO (Performing Engineering Operations) + NC (National Certificate) + 2 Higher National qualifications, and an SVQ in Performing Engineering Operations. They also receive training in health & safety, management, team working and interpersonal skills. This course is designed to create a rounded graduate who can access many of the opportunities the oil and gas sector has to offer.

The training scheme helps ensure a continued development of a safe, skilled workforce for the energy sector, and is part of Shell’s ongoing work to promote STEM careers and skills.

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