The Bright Ideas Challenge 2019-20 is now open! Any submissions received after 5pm on Friday April 26, 2019 will be automatically entered into the running for next year’s competition.

Teacher and students from Dr Challoner’s School

The National Champions of The Bright Ideas Challenge 2019 are Aqua Bine from Atrium Studio School in Ashburton, whose bright idea involved capturing the hydropower of household taps. Read more about all the winning ideas here.

The competition at a glance

The Bright Ideas Challenge is designed to spark young people’s curiosity in science and engineering and to help you deliver the curriculum in a fun and engaging way. We’ve also aligned the resources to careers strategies across the UK, making it even easier for you to provide quality STEM careers inspiration in the classroom.

Get started with our Resource Navigation Guide, designed to help teachers deliver the competition in a number of settings. You’ll also have access to a range of supporting resources, like a step-by-step Teacher Toolkit, Classroom Presentation and videos to help you guide your students through the entry process in as little as 2.5 hours.

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Enter and your school could win:

  • Up to £5,000 to supersize its STEM offering, and vouchers for individual team members
  • The chance to take their ideas to the next level in prototyping sessions with real engineers at a state-of-the-art make space
  • A funded VIP STEM experience for you and your students

The Bright Ideas Challenge closes 5pm on Friday April 24, 2020.

Start the competition today

Step 1: Watch the video

Step 1: Watch the first video in the gallery below

Video 1 will explain what the competition’s all about. The full suite of videos can be used alongside the resources (see Step 3) to help bring each activity of the competition to life.

Step 2: Download the guide

Step 2: Download our Resource Navigation Guide 

It suggests different ways to deliver The Bright Ideas Challenge in a number of teaching settings, whether it’s…

  • In lesson time
  • As part of a STEM Club or enrichment day
  • To contribute to your careers strategy
  • Quickly – if you have limited time

Download Resource Navigation Guide now

Step 3: Download resources

Step 3: Download the resources for teachers and students

Alongside the four videos (see Step 1), here’s where you’ll find all the resources available to help you deliver The Bright Ideas Challenge.

  • A step-by-step guide for teachers to use in the classroom:

Download the Teacher Toolkit


  • Supporting resource for delivering the competition in the classroom:

Download the Classroom Presentation


  • Help students develop the best idea they can:

Download the Student Workbook


  • Extra hands-on activities to get your students warmed up:

Download the Ice-breaker Activities

Step 4: Submit your entries

Step 4: Submit your entries

To enter, send your students’ Bright Ideas Entry Forms and the Teacher Cover Sheet to

The deadline for the competition is 5pm on Friday April 24, 2020.

Download Bright Ideas Entry Form

Download Teacher Cover Sheet

Need a Word document version of these resources? Email us at

Hear from previous winners

Students from Dr Challoner’s Girls School
Students from Dr Challoner’s Girls School

It allows students to use their own ideas and creativity and really gets them thinking, I definitely recommend it.”

- Science teacher from winning school, Dr Challoner’s in Buckinghamshire

It got us thinking about the future we’ll be living in. It’s inspiring to see how things we’ve learnt about in science can change the world.”

- Student from Dr Challoner’s

The whole school is excited about the new STEM equipment we will be able to buy. Hopefully it will inspire many more bright ideas in the future!

- Science teacher from winning school, Whalley Range School in Manchester

It’s been so fun using what we’ve learnt with our science teacher to solve real world problems and help make a difference to all our lives in the future.

- Student from Whalley Range

Any questions?

Take a look at our FAQs for all common questions about taking part in the competition. For all other enquiries, email You can also read the full Terms and Conditions.

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