Cohort 1

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  • Abundance Investment

    Abundance Investment

    Abundance Investment is developing a leading direct investment platform that makes it possible for everyone to invest in things they care about and earn an attractive return.

    Headquarters: London

    Entrepreneur: Louise Wilson, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director

    Abundance Investment website

  • Aceleron


    Aceleron is revolutionising access to low cost energy storage by transforming end of life lithium batteries and reusing them in renewable energy applications.

    Headquarters: Birmingham

    Entrepreneur: Amrit Chandan, Co-Founder & CEO

    Aceleron website

  • Arcola Energy

    Arcola Energy

    Arcola Energy is delivering cleaner and more efficient energy systems by specialising in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

    Headquarters: London

    Entrepreneur: Ben Todd, Founder and CEO

    Arcola Energy website

  • Buffalogrid


    Buffalogrid is providing mobile power and internet in the off-grid world to help the next billion people get and stay connected.

    Headquarters: Belfast

    Entrepreneur: Daniel Becerra, Co-Founder & CEO

    Buffalogrid website

  • Dendra Systems

    Dendra Systems

    Dendra Systems is using drones to plant 1 billion trees per year to tackle industrial-scale deforestation.

    Headquarters: Oxford

    Entrepreneur: Susan Graham, Co-Founder and CEO

    Dendra Systems website

  • H2GO Power

    H2GO Power

    H2GO Power is developing and delivering hydrogen energy storage technology for zero-emission, safe and reliable power supply, with a range of commercial applications.

    Entrepreneur: Enass Abo-Hamed, Co-Founder and CEO

    H2GO Power website

  • ILI Group

    ILI Group

    ILI Group is facilitating the transition to renewable energy by delivering clean, long-term, large-scale energy storage in the UK and beyond.

    Headquarters: Hamilton (Scotland)

    Entrepreneur: Mark Wilson, CEO

    ILI Group website

  • Naked Energy

    Naked Energy

    Naked Energy is providing a revolutionary hybrid solar panel that generates both electricity and heat for commercial and industrial applications.

    Headquarters: Crawley (West Sussex)

    Entrepreneur: Christophe Williams, Co-Founder and CEO

    Naked Energy website

  • Orbital Marine Power

    Orbital Marine Power

    Orbital Marine Power is enabling low-cost tidal energy with the most advanced tidal turbine in the world.

    Headquarters: Edinburgh

    Entrepreneur: Andrew Scott, CEO & Director

    Orbital Marine Power website

  • Zeigo


    Zeigo is helping corporates find renewable energy using smart technology.

    Headquarters: London

    Entrepreneur: Juan Pablo Cerda, CEO

    Zeigo website