The mission of Shell StartUp Engine UK is to accelerate the energy transition, which is in line with Shell’s own ambitions to deliver more and cleaner energy.

The programme will initially focus on up to 30 start-ups operating in or entering the UK energy market. Our offering is part of our contribution to society and is not designed as an investment funnel for Shell.

Start-ups will be selected through scouting and open applications. Shell and Unreasonable will review prospective participants on a rolling basis, and high-potential start-ups could be placed on a waiting list.

Selection Criteria

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Become part of the community of start-ups accelerating the UK energy transition. Information from prospective participants will be collected, processed and stored by Unreasonable Group.

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Our programme offering

Our programme provides access to high-quality mentors, potential investors and business partners and a supportive start-up community.

Our legacy of supporting entrepreneurs

Over 38 years, we have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs to set up and grow their businesses.

Innovating together

Shell has a history of fostering open innovation and technology development through vehicles like Shell Research Connect, Shell GameChanger, Shell Ventures and Shell TechWorks.