Monitoring the impact on biodiversity

We work to minimise the impact our operations have on areas that are rich in biodiversity. We were one of the first energy companies to introduce a biodiversity standard and we undertake extensive environmental impact assessments when we are planning a new project or expanding an existing one. In the UK we have a clear set of standards for managing risks to biodiversity and ecosystems arising from our activities.

We carry out detailed habitat investigations of our operations in and near Sites of Community Importance (SCIs). We also ensure that we check for the potential presence of sensitive species or habitats when we start new drilling or other activities. This information helps us to develop ways to minimise our impact and inform consultations with relevant local and national agencies.

Checking the health of the seabed

We undertake a regular programme of environmental seabed surveys to monitor the long-term impacts of our activities. We check whether any contaminants have accumulated on the seabed near offshore installations. We also check our sites after we have decommissioned fields.  

More on sustainability

Climate change and Shell

The world faces a critical challenge of meeting rising demand for energy while cutting emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).  


Shell works hard to minimise the effect of our operations on the environment. Learn more about environmental sustainability at Shell.