How we tackle climate change

Natural Gas

CCS natural gas plan in the middle of sea

Natural Gas

We are producing more natural gas, the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. Gas can help with all three of the UK’s energy objectives – providing affordable, secure and low carbon energy. It can help the UK meet its CO2 targets, by helping decarbonise the electricity sector in the short-term by replacing coal, and in the long-term with CCS. And it can play a long-term role as a flexible back-up to intermittent energy sources like solar and wind.

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Goldeneye platform in the North Sea

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

We are helping to develop technology to make carbon capture and storage (CCS) a reality. Using gas plus CCS could remove up to 90% of the carbon dioxide produced in power generation. Our project at the Peterhead power station in north east Scotland is leading the world on developing this technology.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Improving Energy Efficiency plant in middle of sea

Improving Energy Efficiency

We continuously look for ways to make our operations and processes more energy efficient. This includes major investment to increase the reliability of our existing installations in the North Sea. We also try to use existing infrastructure (Shell and third party) when we are developing new oil and gas reserves.

In our downstream business we offer our customers products and advice that help them make their driving – and industrial operations - more fuel efficient.

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More on Sustainability

Protecting biodiversity

We work to minimise the impact our operations have on areas that are rich in biodiversity. Learn more about protecting biodiversity at Shell.

Working with communities

We have long-established links with the communities who live close to our operations in the UK. Learn more about how Shell works with communities.

Supporting STEM

Shell is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers through our national and local education programmes.