The Leman BH Platform (left in above image) is located 50 km from the Norfolk coastline, in Block 49/26 of the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS). The Leman BH platform is a living quarters platform, originally designed to accommodate up to 48 personnel working on Leman BT and Leman BK platforms. However, the living quarters became redundant following the decommissioning of the Leman BK platform in the mid-1990s. The remaining bridge-linked Leman BH and BT platforms became Normally Unattended Installations (NUI).

The functions of Leman BH are limited to providing power to the Leman BT platform and providing helicopter access and temporary overnight shelter for personnel visiting the Leman BT platform. The Leman BT platform provides pressure control for the produced gas flowing from the Leman B, C, D and E production platforms before it is transferred to Bacton via Leman A.

Shell has taken the decision to remove the Leman BH platform and transfer all of its functions to Leman BT. This will optimise the offshore maintenance requirements and will not affect Leman field production. The Leman BH platform is planned to be removed using a reverse installation method which will involve the removal of the topsides, bridge, and jacket using a Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV). The approximate weight of the platform is 1605 tonnes.

Decommissioning Programme

Shell U.K. Limited has submitted a draft Decommissioning Programme for the Leman BH Platform to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

In accordance with the provisions of the Petroleum Act 1998 for the consideration of the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. It is a requirement of the Act that interested parties be consulted on such decommissioning proposals.

Representations regarding the Leman BH Decommissioning Programme should be submitted in writing to Larissa Leitch, Shell U.K. Limited, 1 Altens Farm Road, Nigg, Aberdeen, AB12 3FY ( Representations should be received by the consultation closing date, 04 September 2015, and should state the grounds upon which any representations are being made. The Decommissioning Programme (DP) and supporting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) are available for download below:

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