Our commitment to stakeholder engagement process

The aim of dialogue for the Brent Decommissioning project

To work directly with stakeholders to inform the decommissioning programme submitted to Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) by:

  • Communicating the various issues and concerns raised by the decommissioning studies so that they are understood and considered by the stakeholders; and
  • Gaining stakeholders’ feedback and views on decommissioning scenarios

Our Commitment to the Brent Decommissioning Stakeholder Dialogue

  • We will make every effort to engage with all relevant stakeholders
  • We will work with stakeholders to understand their issues and concerns in order to provide input into technical assessments and studies
  • Output from such engagements will be used in our decision making process
  • We will produce a publicly available record of facilitated dialogue events
  • We will provide feedback to stakeholders’ queries and issues
  • We will seek feedback on the engagement process and share it with the stakeholders

Engaging with stakeholders

We will engage with stakeholders and provide information via:

  • Our website:
  • Independently facilitated dialogue events
  • Meetings on a one to one basis, as required and appropriate
  • Other means as appropriate, constructive and practical

Managing Expectations

Our stakeholder engagement process will:

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