Fast lift of the Delta topsides

Delta Platform Lift

The platform of Brent Delta, which was removed in one piece is equivalent to the height of the London Eye and for the last 40 years has operated as a hotel for over 160 staff, a factory, and a processing plant. The deck space of the platform is almost the same size as a football pitch.

At the length of six jumbo jets, the Pioneering Spirit lifted the 24,200 tonne platform from Brent Delta in one piece. This operation took place in late April and marks the heaviest marine lift ever undertaken at sea.

The Brent team has undertaken five years of intense engineering and study work, as well as two years of platform engineering preparations offshore to strengthen the underdeck and cut the legs on Delta, and a mere 10 seconds to complete the lift.

Click here for Allseas Pioneering Spirit website and footage

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Did you know?

  • The Brent Delta platform weighs the same as 2,000 London buses and is as high as the London Eye.
  • The Pioneering Spirit is the same length as six jumbo jets.
  • 2.5 million litres of paint were used to paint the Pioneering Spirit.
  • The Pioneering Spirit took just 10 seconds to lift the Brent Delta platform.
  • This marks the world’s heaviest marine lift ever undertaken at sea.
  • Over 97% of the Brent Delta platform will be recycled.