A growing number of oil and gas platforms and facilities are coming to the end of their productive lives. Decommissioning is part of the normal life cycle of every oil and gas installation. When an installation reaches the end of its life and the economically recoverable oil and gas reserves have been extracted from the reservoir the installations need to be ‘retired’ and then decommissioned by being dismantled, recycled and disposed of.  Shell’s decommissioning activities include restoration of the surroundings at offshore platforms and their associated facilities in line with applicable legislation, while taking account of Shell’s environmental standards to recycle as much of our assets as possible.  At Shell, we aim to ensure that when our assets reach the point of cessation of production, they are decommissioned in a way that is safe, and technically, environmentally, socially and economically responsible.

Brent Field Decommissioning

The North Sea oil and gas fields operated by Shell U.K. Limited (“Shell”) have served Shell well and, even as the oil and gas industry transitions to cleaner sources of energy, the energy the Shell fields provide is still vital. This is because oil and gas dominate the current UK energy market providing more than 75% of the UK’s total primary energy needs.

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Other UK Decommissioning

Leman BH Decommissioning

Shell has taken the decision to remove the Leman BH platform and transfer all of its functions to Leman BT.


Shell U.K. Ltd has taken the decision to remove the Curlew FPSO, and decommission its associated subsea infrastructure, subject to the Regulator’s approval.


Shell U.K. Ltd. has taken the decision to remove the Goldeneye platform and some of the subsea infrastructure, subject to Regulator approval.


A/S Norske Shell has taken the decision to decommission the Gaupe subsea infrastructure associated with the Gaupe Field.


Shell U.K. Ltd. has taken the decision to decommission the Kingfisher Installations and subsea infrastructure associated with the Kingfisher Field, excluding any Kingfisher infrastructure within the 500m safety zone of the Brae Bravo Platform.