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We are in a strong position to provide your business with a better energy future. Shell has a long history and extensive experience of delivering and operating complex and technically challenging energy solutions. We are committed to delivering and operating to the highest technical and safety standards. Distributed Energy offers an extensive portfolio of products and services. Our solutions include on-site generation through renewables and CHP, cleaner energy solutions across a global portfolio of gas, power, and environmental products. We can tailor these opportunities to specifically suit your business and provide a complete solution which is designed to help you increase cost effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability.

Through our Distributed Energy platform, you’ll have access to the most efficient and reliable equipment. We’ll manage all design, procurement, installation, and maintenance for your energy infrastructure.

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On-site energy solutions

Installing on-site energy generation and storage assets can provide more sustainable and cost-effective energy, whilst providing resiliency during grid outages. By taking advantage of our market supply and offtake products, you may also benefit from reselling any excess energy you generate.

On-Site Renewable Energy

Renewables - Solar

Our solar offerings allow you to use the energy of the sun to provide you with electrical power via solar photo voltaics (PV) and heat via solar thermal. This allows you to generate renewable energy on site, reducing your reliance on the grid, reducing energy costs and increasing your sustainability. Combining Solar energy with many of our other solutions such as storage, control and optimisation and market access allows you to further optimise and increase the value of onsite solar energy generation.

Back-up Generation Equipment

Generation Equipment

Our solutions help you to increase your energy reliability and produce your own energy on-site. Technologies can include but are not limited to Solar (PV and thermal), combined heat and power (CHP), Combined cooling heat and power (CCHP), fuel cells and heat pumps.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

The use of energy storage on-site allows you to increase and optimise consumption of your own on-site energy generation. We can provide back-up power and heat to increase the resilience of your operations, as well as avoid and prevent costly grid upgrades or charges. You could even earn additional revenues through participation in central and regional balancing and reserve markets.

Heating and Cooling Networks

Heating and Cooling Networks

For customers with heating and cooling requirements we can offer bespoke solutions to provide your heat and cooling in a more sustainable and distributed way. This can include provision and operation of complete private networks or connection to networks covering a wider local area.

Electric Vehicle and Fleet Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle and Fleet Infrastructure

The electrification of transport is one of the ways to help meet the growing demand for transport in a lower-carbon world. Shell Recharge provides fast-charging services at our retail sites in Europe, while also offering a full suite of EV charging station solutions with advanced technology and complementary services. Our solution offers everything you need to deploy, manage and grow your EV charging station network.

Microgrid Infrastructure


For customers with multiple buildings or sites spread over local areas we can offer the complete integration of distributed energy resources, this typically involves the combination of many different energy technologies with a long-term outlook. We design, build, own, operate and maintain microgrids in collaboration with strategic partners.


  • Cost Reduction

    Cost Reduction

  • Resiliency


  • Efficiency and Sustainability

    Efficiency and Sustainability

  • Simplification


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