UK’s first 150kW EV charger on a forecourt*

UK’s first 150kW EV charger on a forecourt*

Our 150kW high-powered charger is now available at Shell Little Waitrose Battersea. This charger can deliver power up to three times faster than the 50kW charger in the same amount of time, depending on EV model2.

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50kW EV chargers

50kW EV chargers

Rapid 50kW DC chargers are available on selected forecourts across the UK. Drop by to use one of these chargers and make most of the new payment methods.

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100% Renewable Energy

100% Renewable Energy

Shell Recharge locations are supplied by electricity from 100% certified renewable energy sources1.

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Is my EV compatible?

Our high-powered 150kW and rapid 50kW chargers are designed to be compatible with most EVs2. Depending on the make of your EV it may charge at a lower speed, but you can still plug into the 150kW chargers.

Connections 50kW 150kW
Combined Charging System (CCS) Yes Yes
Chademo Yes Yes
AC Type 2 (43kW) Yes n/a

  • Charging speed

    Charging speed

    For most vehicles, the Shell Recharge 50kW rapid DC charger will provide a 0-80% charge in approximately 30 minutes. The new 150kW high-powered charger can deliver power up to three times faster depending on the electric vehicle model².

  • Recharge yourself and your car

    Recharge yourself and your car

    Your car isn’t the only thing that needs charging. Give yourself an energy boost by heading in-store for something delicious from our new Jamie Oliver deli by Shell range⁴ or check out our Little Waitrose & Partners⁴ stores. You might also like to grab a freshly-brewed Costa Express Coffee⁴ or get up to speed with our free Wifi⁴.

  • More ways to pay

    More ways to pay

    Paying for Shell Recharge is quick and easy, with no subscription or connection fees required. At all Recharge locations, you can pay by contactless, NewMotion app/card³ or the SMOOV app.

  • Our charging network

    Our charging network

    Shell Recharge is our EV charging service. By the end of 2019, we’ll have an even bigger network of charging service stations across the country. Find your nearest Recharge station using the Shell app or the Station Locator.


*According to Zap-Map as of July 2019

1 Shell Recharge is supplied by 100% certified renewable energy sources that have been generated using wind, solar and biomass.
2 Results may vary, no guarantees provided. Charging speed depends on several factors including temperature outside, type of car, size of battery and battery condition. Please check with your OEM for compatibility and further information.
3 New Motion charge a 30p transaction fee.
4 Selected Shell service stations only.
5 Price as of May 2019 until further notice.
6 As of May 2019.
7 Internet access required for New Motion and SMOOV apps.


Shell Energy

Shell has rebranded First Utility in Great Britain and brought it under our Shell Energy brand. We are now supplying all our residential customers in Britain with 100% renewable electricity as part of growing our global power business.


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