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The cars and track have been made with sustainability at the core of each. Which is why they are bronze Cradle to Cradle certified. A globally certified measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy. The Sugar Cane track is also 100% compostable. Made from the fibrous matter that remains after the juice has been extracted.



The trailblazer of the team, Fireball pushes the limits and revels in racing on new and unique tracks.



Swift and powerful all rolled into one, Sunchaser knows a good race and never back down when it’s on the sugar cane track.



The stealth speedsters and swift overtaker, Shadow is calculated and times his races to pinpoint accuracy.



Nimble in nature and pure in its speed, Lightning is like a flash when it hits the sugar cane track. 


How to buy?

How to buy

Fill up with £30 or more on any fuel at a participating Shell Service Station. You can then purchase any one of your favourite four cars from £3.99 and a racetrack from £5.99.

How they work?

yellow car with red background

Now let’s get ready to race.

  1. Insert the special power pack into your car
  2. Mix salt and water
  3. Add three drops to your car
  4. Watch your car go

Play the game

play the game

If you can’t wait to race your Salt Water Supercar, get online and play with our amazing free racing app. Compete in new races every day, unlock exciting Supercars and create your own track that could win Track of the Day.


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Be part of the competition and race incredible Shell Salt Water Supercars on extreme race tracks on your phone.

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Compete in new events every day to unlock exciting Supercars on the Shell Racing App.