Step 1

Screen grab of Fill up and go splash screen

Step 1

Launch App

- Launch the Shell App

- Tap the white Fill Up & Go bar

- Log in using your security pin or touch ID

Step 2

 Screen grab of the fill up and go menu screen with payment option displayed as Apple Pay and a menu of Fuelling value – Receipts and payment settings

Step 2

Start your transaction

- Tap the yellow Fill Up & Go bar to start the transaction

- If you are using Apple Pay, pay with touch ID

- If you are using Android Pay, pay with your fingerprint or PIN code if requested

Step 3

Screen grab of the app with a location icon spinning in the centre of the screen

Step 3

Determine location

- Wait while your phone finds and confirms your location

Step 4

Screen grab of a keypad with a large number in the screen representing the number that the user has chosen

Step 4

Confirm your pump number

- Look above the pump for the pump number and enter it on the screen

- Confirm the pump number

Step 5

Screen grab of a warning letting users know to only use the app in their car

Step 5

Await authorisation

- Wait for your account to be authorised

- Put your phone away or leave it in the car, and fill up your tank

Step 6

Screen grab of a receipt breakdown for what the customer has just purchased and what service station they were at

Step 6

Transaction confirmation

- After a few seconds, the transaction details will show on the screen and a copy will be emailed to you

All you need to know

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