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Step 1 – Register

Registering for Fill Up & Go is simple. Just make sure you have the Shell Motorist app on your mobile:

  • Open the app and select ‘Fill Up & Go’ from the home screen.
  • Tap through the intro screens, before selecting the ‘Register’ option.
  • Enter your name, email address, create a password, set up a security question and create a pin
  • Select payment option (choose Apple Pay or PayPal for an iOS device or PayPal for any other device)
  • Apple Pay (you will need an iPhone 6 or later). The Shell Motorist app will link to your Apple Wallet or guide you through the Wallet set up.
  • PayPal (you will need a PayPal account). The Shell Motorist app will link to PayPal where you can log into your existing account
  • If you have more than one payment method set up in your Shell Motorist app then you can switch between them at any time (FAQ )
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Step 2 – Activate a pump

When you next want to fill up at a Shell service station, simply drive onto the forecourt and stop at a pump:

  • From inside your car, open the Shell Motorist app and select ‘Fill Up & Go’
  • Tap the Fill Up & Go yellow bar
  • Stay in your car and scan the QR code displayed at the pump or key in the pump code
  • When the app displays the message ‘Start fuelling now’ you’re ready to fill up your tank (don’t forget to leave your phone in the car)
mobile payment filling up

Step 3 – Fill up & Go

You can now fill up with fuel, just like you would do normally.

  • Leaving your phone safely in the car, start filling up. Make sure you use the pump you have just activated.
  • Fill up with the fuel you need. Either before you reach, or when you reach your maximum fuel spend limit, the pump will stop dispensing automatically.’
  • Once you’ve finished, simply return to your car. The app will confirm the purchase and you can continue your journey.
  • We’ll also email a receipt to you for your records.

See full Terms and Conditions.


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