Shell Helix HX6 FLEX 15W-40

Shell Helix HX6 FLEX 15W-40 Semi-synthetic engine oil

Synthetic technology motor oil – Helps to protect against corrosion and sludge deposits.

  • Makes use of both synthetic and mineral base stocks to achieve higher performance levels than can be formulated from mineral oils alone
  • Specifically designed for multi-fuel (flex) engines using gasoline/ethanol blends
  • Provides superior protection from the sludge formation associated with multi-fuel use 1
  • Helps to prevent potentially damaging water separation


Specifications: API SN; ACEA A3/B3

1 Compared with higher API SN specification oils in Sequence VG engine tests performed at an independent laboratory


The product specifications listed above may vary from time to time and may not all be available for sale in the United Kingdom. To obtain a specific recommendation for your vehicle from our UK product portfolio, please use our free online oil recommendation tool, Shell Lubematch.

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