Lisa Lilley currently works as a part of Shell’s Fuels Marketing team.  Prior to this role, she spent six years in Maranello as Shell’s Technology Manager for Ferrari.

Driving for perfection

“Working in Formula One was one of the most amazing opportunities I’d ever had. I was part of it and that is a huge privilege to me and something I will never ever forget.” Lilley believes Shell’s involvement in Formula One has given, and will continue to give, technically superior products for drivers.  

She was based at Ferrari’s Maranello HQ, sharing an office with Ferrari’s engineers. During her time there, she learnt the importance of mere miliseconds: “That split second can come from one of the fuels, Shell V-Power Nitro+, or one of the oils, Shell Helix, and that’s where the pressure is on us so we really do have to be pushing so hard.” 

From the track to road

The hard work didn’t just pay off in the form of pole positions or race wins. Lilley’s role was to ensure lessons learnt from Formula One were transferred into Shell’s commercial development programmes: “Shell is not with Ferrari to put a sticker on the car - we are with Ferrari for a true technical partnership. For example, there is an advanced friction modification component in the Formula One fuel. That is the same advanced component you find in Shell V-Power Nitro+ road fuels in many countries. In our Shell Helix Lubricant there’s an advanced cleansing agent.” 

That’s the same advanced cleansing agent that you find in the Shell Helix lubricant customers can buy. Open up the heart of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, its V12 engine, and Lilley’s point would be proven. Every Ferrari car is recommended to use Shell V-Power Nitro+ and Shell Helix, including the GTO.  

“It’s not just the Ferraris that have advanced; your typical road car has also advanced. They’re all a lot more demanding in terms of having oils that are protective, but they are also much more stringent – with environmental targets and emissions controls to meet,  – so the Shell products have evolved. We have had to make sure that the product evolution has matched the vehicle evolution,” she said.

Clean fuels equal clean engines

Lilley talks of the Shell V-Power’ cleansing ability. Shell V-Power performance fuels, both gasoline and diesel, are designed to help prevent and clean away the fuel system deposits that can reduce the performance of your car.

“Shell V-Power gasoline has been developed with Ferrari and is formulated to remove those deposits in a safe manner and this is what we call a ‘clean up and keep clean effect’. There’s also Friction Modification Technology, a very advanced component which comes from our Formula One development programme, and is designed to help reduce friction between the piston-rings and cyliner wall.” For Lilley, it’s another development from the world of Formula One that she’s proud to have left her mark on.

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