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The finishing line

Hear what it's like to take on the job of a lifetime as Shell's technology manager Lisa Lilley discusses her past 6 years at Shell.

Driving simulator

A member of the Shell track lab takes us on a lap in an F1 driving simulator.

A day in the life of a Ferrari test driver

Discover what a day in your childhood dream job involves, from our Ferrari test drivers.

Crash couture

See what goes into producing F1 driving gear to protect drivers against some of the hazardous circuits.

Driving into the future

We turned to the industry decision makers to tell us what lies on the road ahead.

Shells technical partnership with Ferrari

Revisit the longest running partnership in motorsport and learn about the remarkable moments and celebrated victories that make this relationship so successful.

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Shells role in the race

Shell's Track Lab team is trackside for every race, sampling and testing the fuels and lubricants throughout race weekend. The adrenalin flows trackside as we help power the team to success.

F1 fan zone

Motorsport fans are amongst the most devoted supporters in world sport. This area is for all the dedicated fans who make our hard work worthwhile.

From racetrack to roadside

Shell's technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari is a relationship that extends beyond Formula 1. Discover how the technological advances that power Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 car find their way into your vehicle via Shell V-Power and Shell Helix.