Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards
Verified Carbon Standard
Two small children from the Peru project, smiling to camera


Transforming local communities and ecosystems

The Cordillera Azul project strives to transform local communities and ecosystems by driving the development of alternative livelihoods for local people through climate-friendly activities such as agriculture, textiles and crafts.

The project protects up to 1.3 million hectares of threatened rainforest habitat, safeguarding 28 “High Conservation Value” species that live in the habitat.

Projects that make a difference

  • Emissions reduction

    The project will avoid the emission of 16.2m tonnes of CO2 by 2021

  • Supporting communities

    440 communities living in the project zone, including 30 indigenous communities

  • Creating opportunities

    The project supports 730 jobs, 30% of which are held by women

  • Sustainable enterprises

    Cordillera Azul supports 27 sustainable enterprises with 45 watersheds protected