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Make the change, drive carbon neutral

Our Drive Carbon Neutral programme offers our customers the opportunity to lower their carbon footprint and drive carbon neutral

How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

Do you ever wonder how you can reduce your carbon footprint? You’re not alone. 71% of people in the UK are concerned about their carbon footprint and want to take action.1

There are ways in which we can help reduce the amount of carbon emissions we generate – by consuming fewer products or choosing products which have a lower carbon impact, for example.

When it comes to driving you also have choices. You could choose to walk, or drive a lower emission vehicle such as a hydrogen or electric vehicle.

However when that is not possible, Driving Carbon Neutral by supporting nature can be an option for you.

Carbon offset programmes are set up around the world to support natural ecosystems. This means CO2 is not released by avoiding deforestation. Or, it can be captured and stored by new reforestation programmes. These ‘savings’ and storage can be sold as carbon credits for you to offset the CO2 emissions from your fuel purchase.

“There is no single solution for dealing with climate change. A transformation of the global energy system is needed. From electricity production to industry and transport. Shell will do its bit.”

Ben van Beurden – Chief Executive Officer Shell plc
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What is driving carbon neutral?

When you drive an internal combustion engine car, CO2 is emitted from your car’s exhaust pipe, into the air. When crude oil is extracted, refined into fuel and then distributed, CO2 is also emitted. Because of this, where possible, we all need to choose solutions that emit no CO2, or choose solutions that help us to reduce them. Where emissions cannot be avoided, however, offsetting is an option that can be used to compensate for them.

That’s why members of the Shell Go+ rewards programme can opt-in to have the carbon emissions of their fuel purchases offset for them by Shell. In order to do this, Shell uses carbon credits sourced from nature-based projects around the world.

For Shell customers who have opted‑in, this service is FREE until 20222, just remember to scan your Shell Go+ card when you purchase your fuel. We will calculate the carbon emissions from your fuel purchases and buy and retire the appropriate amount of carbon credits.3

This means the full lifecycle of carbon emissions - emissions from the production and distribution of the fuel as well as those that come from the combustion of the fuel in the engine - are all offset.

How to opt-in

These analogies are for illustrative purposes only. Shell does not make any representations or warranty, whether express or implied, regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability or relevance of the analogies, and is not liable in any way for any loss, damages or expenses arising out of, or in connection with the calculation of the analogies, or with the use of claims made regarding such analogies.

Full terms and conditions apply.

Supporting projects to Drive Carbon Neutral

Shell has a portfolio of projects around the world it supports which help to protect and restore natural ecosystems like forests and rainforests.

One conservation project is the Cordillera Azul National Park project, between the Andes and the Amazon basin in Peru, which includes 3.7 million hectares of forest, much of which is under threat.

Another is Katingan Mentaya project in Indonesia, which not only reduces carbon emissions but protects and conserves biodiversity and enables the sustainable development of local communities.

Project Cordillera Azul, Peru

The Cordillera Azul project protects up to 1.6 million hectares of threatened rainforest habitat, safeguarding 28 “High Conservation Value” species that live in the habitat.

Katingan Mentaya, Indonesia

The Katingan Project collaborates with 34 Indonesian villages to not only reduce emissions, but also to conserve local wildlife populations and enable the sustainable development of the local community.

The Guatemalan Conservation Coast, Central America

The project finances the establishment of new nature reserves and supports existing natural forests which are under threat from deforestation and unsuitable land use activities.


Computer showing email that demonstrates details of an individual’s carbon offsetting through Drive Carbon Neutral

Keeping up-to date with your carbon statements

We want to make sure you’re kept updated on the difference you’re making whilst you’re driving carbon neutral.

We’ll email you a carbon statement every 10 visits which will summarise how many kilograms of COhave been offset from the fuel you have purchased as well as some news from the projects which we support.


How to opt-in via the Shell Go+ programme

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On the left is a mobile phone with a Shell Go+ logo in the centre, and the copy “Download the Shell app today” beneath. In the centre is an image of a mobile phone with a tick-mark at the top and the copy “You are now driving carbon neutral” in the centre. On the right is an image with lots of leaves and foliage with a circle in the centre that says “A forest holiday every week + 1000 pela phone-cases to be won
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Download the Shell app and opt-in via the Shell Go+ rewards programme by visiting the rewards page and clicking on drive carbon neutral.

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Drive carbon neutral for free

Until 20222, Shell will pay to offset the carbon emissions of your fuel purchases. After this point you’re agreeing to share the cost with us. You will pay ½p per litre extra and Shell will match this contribution to offset the carbon emissions of your fuel purchases.

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Supporting projects to Drive Carbon Neutral

By driving carbon neutral, you are supporting internationally accredited carbon offsetting projects such as the REDD+ Cordillera Azul project in Peru and the Katingan Mentaya project in Indonesia

Press the marked areas to learn more about each


1Survey conducted by Edelman Intelligence - March 2019.
2Drive carbon neutral for free until March 2022. Date subject to change.
3Well to wheel carbon emissions offset, i.e. from the production, distribution and use of fuel through driving are offset using Verified Emission Reduction (VER) carbon credits.