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A new direction for food on the go

Introducing the new Jamie Oliver deli by Shell. Our tasty sarnies, deli selection and salads are made with great ingredients, honestly sourced and put together with love and care.

Now you can find great food on the road, wherever you’re heading.

Take a look through some of our tasty favourites, why not give them a try?

Joy For The Road

Joy For The Road

Introducing our brand-new Christmas sandwiches from Jamie Oliver deli by Shell.

Get stuck into the new festive range.There’s a tasty trio of festive favourites, from traditional turkey to a gorgeous smoked cheese & coleslaw number for the veggies, as well as our Christmas showstopper teaming juicy turkey with succulent ham hock.

Go on, take your Christmas pick and tuck in.

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Christmas Combos

Christmas Combos

Our new Jamie Oliver deli by Shell Christmas sarnies can be enjoyed as tasty festive mains in our Combo Deals, when combined with any of the selected Combo Snacks + Combo Drinks from around the store. The turkey and veggie twin sandwiches are part of the Classic Combo for £4.49 and the turkey triple is available for a next-level lunch in our Ultimate Combo for £4.99.

Feel festive and Go Combo!

Get Set, Go Combo

Get Set, Go Combo


Introducing our new COMBO DEALS.

In the name of bigger and better choice*, we’ve taken the meal deal up a gear with two brilliant options – the Classic Combo and the Ultimate Combo. Choose a Classic or Ultimate Jamie Oliver deli by Shell main, then make your combo with any selected snack and drink.

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Award-Winning Food To Go

Award-Winning Food To Go

We’re proud to announce that Jamie Oliver deli by Shell has won Food To Go & Sandwich En-Route Retailer 2019.

The British Sandwich and Food to Go Industry Awards (The Sammies) recognise the best in food on-the-go businesses across the country.

Try our Combo Mains.

Black pepper mayo BLT sarnie

Black pepper mayo BLT sarnie

You’ll find plenty of juicy tomato in this sandwich – so delicious with black pepper mayo. The perfect match with bacon and crispy lettuce, it’s the dream combo.


Mediterranean roast veg & ricotta wrap

Mediterranean roast veg & ricotta wrap

Including a whole portion of your daily fruit and veg, this rainbow wrap is the perfect balance of sweet roast veg and creamy ricotta – it really hits the spot.


Beetroot, houmous, falafel & couscous salad

Beetroot, houmous, falafel & couscous salad

An epic mix of sweet potato falafel, warming harissa dressing, giant couscous and earthy beetroot houmous – every mouthful is different. Get stuck in and enjoy!.



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Great ingredients, honestly sourced

Great ingredients are at the heart of our food. Discover more about the nutrition information, welfare standards and allergy advice.

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compilation of food

Add a little joy to your journey, with a delicious bite to eat from Jamie Oliver deli by Shell

We’re proud of the food in our new range, and the work we’ve done to really take it up a gear. It’s all about big flavours, fresh ideas and clever twists.

There’s the classics, such as sandwiches and wraps, that have been given a Jamie update, alongside a brand new selection of delicious products including salads, sushi, hot pots and a range just for kids. There’s something for everyone, including revamped indulgent items alongside these new, delicious alternatives.

From A to BLT, it’s all good

You’ll find plenty of tasty choices for your journey, at breakfast and lunch. Jamie has been closely involved in creating the recipes and testing all the food that we’re serving in our brand new range. This is great food, made with love and care.

  • We’ve taken the ingredients and flavour in every product to another level.
  • We've upped the veg in loads of the sandwiches, and dialled up the bread using  oatmeal and wholegrain.
  • Plus, you’ll see detailed nutritional info on packaging, with easy-to-read traffic light labelling, so you know exactly what’s in each product.
  • The majority of the rang are green or amber on the traffic light system.
  • There’s plenty of fruit and veg across the entire range.

You can find Jamie Oliver deli by Shell and a tasty bite to eat at your nearest Shell service station. Call in for some exciting flavours!

* Bigger, better choice – when compared to previous deli2go range or other previous food offering.

All Combo Deals are subject to availability.

All sandwiches are subject to availability.