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deli by Shell


Life gets going with great quality food that’s bursting with great ingredients and flavour – from deli by Shell! Check out our station locator to see what your nearest Shell has to offer.


bacon roll breakfast

Breakfast – start your day

Love your breakfast! Grab brekkie baps & tasty bakes from 5am to 11am. Great ingredients and packed with flavour – a really tasty way to kick-start your day.

treats and snacks

Treats and snacks – a little delight

Enjoy a delicious treat whenever you fancy it. Choose from our selection of croissants, muffins, cookies & limited-edition doughnuts.


Mains – deliciously filling

A delicious choice of mains, including heat to order favourites which are ready to go in just 2 minutes.

food to go

It’s simply delicious, food to go

Whether you say hey, hot stuff with a bacon roll, give lunch a lift with a warming tuna melt, bake your day with a sweet break-time treat or get a little bite to tide you over...
Grab something to keep you going!

Female eating food and looking at her phone


Home Food Delivery

Order online with Deliveroo, to get a variety of snacks, drinks, groceries delivered from your nearest Shell station to you. We’re currently expanding our delivery service in the UK to offer this service to as many of our customers as possible. This offer is also now available from selected Shell Little Waitrose Service Stations. Check out our station locator to see what your nearest Shell has to offer.

deli by shell breakfast saving


Look out for great savings with your Costa Express

Save on a tasty brekkie and pick up a breakfast bap for only £1.99, or a tasty bake for only £1, with your favourite Costa Express hot drink.

Made with great-quality ingredients and packed with flavour, for a tasty way to kick-start your day.

Time to grab brekkie...available 5am to 11am at participating Shell Service Stations.

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