HTML5 Experiment: Retail H1
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Delicious Food & Drink All Day Long

Welcome to great food and drink from Shell. Working together with some great brands we’re excited to be able to give you some fantastic choices on the road. Our role is to help you get more out of every day, every journey, so we strive to improve products to help you on the move​

bacon roll


It’s simply delicious

Life gets going with great quality food that’s bursting with great ingredients and flavour – from deli by Shell.

Image of Costa Express Coffee cup with text sayong real milk, real beans , real quick


Perfect coffee starts here

Costa Express have been serving Shell customers since 2015 and now have more than 770 self-serve machines in Shell Service Stations across the country. These serve all your favourite coffees made from the same Mocha Italia beans and fresh milk as their shops, guaranteeing every customer a perfect cup of coffee every time.

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Home Food Delivery

Everyday essentials delivered to your door. We’re currently expanding our delivery service in UK to offer this service to as many of our customers as possible. Learn more about home food delivery

Tasty Classic by Jamie


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If you drop into the Jamie Oliver Deli by Shell now,


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weÕve got a new ham sandwich,


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but, not as you know it,


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and it starts here with a zingy piccalilli,


00:00:13,360 --> 00:00:17,600

and it goes so well with beautiful pulled Ham Hock.


00:00:17,600 --> 00:00:19,400

Cheddar, lovely flavour there,


00:00:19,400 --> 00:00:21,0

a few slices of tomato,


00:00:21,0 --> 00:00:23,480

and a little wodge of spinach.


00:00:24,800 --> 00:00:25,800


HTML5 Experiment: Retail H1
HTML5 Experiment: Retail H1
HTML5 Experiment: Retail H1
HTML5 Experiment: Retail H1