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Shell Helix HX7

Synthetic technology motor oil – Helps to keep engines clean and running efficiently.

Benefits of Shell Helix Engine Oils

  • Image of a red jeep driving on an arid sandy off road track

    Engine stress and wear protection

    Shell Helix Ultra provides superior protection against engine stress and wear because it’s a modern synthetic, made from natural gas.  That’s why it’s stronger and less volatile at the molecular level than those made from traditional crude oil.

  • Image of a red jeep driving through a river

    Extreme temperature performance

    Shell Helix Ultra is designed for extreme temperatures, with PurePlus Technology it stays stronger for longer in extreme temperatures.  Protecting the engine and the oil can also perform better at low temperatures.

  • Image of a red sports car on a tarmac road

    Ultimate power and performance

    From Turbos to Super Chargers, if you love driving, Shell Helix Ultra Fully Synthetic Engine oils has you covered. Our synthetics are made from natural gas, our oils are stronger at a molecular level.

  • Image of two pistons

    Superior piston cleanliness

    Tested both on the road and on the track. No other oil cleans your engine better**. Or helps keep your engine closer to factory clean.

    *Based on 100,000 Km fleet trial
    **Based on Sequence VG sludge test results using OW-40 

Image of a F1 Ferrari car on a race track

Engine oil


Our partnerships are the ultimate test bed for our products, challenging them to perform in some of the most extreme conditions and ensuring our customers are getting the very best.


Duration: 00:00:60

Description: The film demonstrates a variety of driving scenarios; on a racetrack, on an open mountain road, and on a tunnel road. We see and hear the motivation behind each driver’s joy when taking to the wheel of their car. One driver enjoys the power of his engine. Another states he drives for the turns, whilst a third driver tells us he drives for the sound of his car. We end on a Shell Helix Motor Oil animation, explaining how this product is designed for ultimate engine performance.

We open with a Shell Helix Synthetic Motor Oils title card.

Audio: Car engine road

Visual Transition: We cut to the professional driver, helmet on, controlling his car on a racetrack.

Text Displays: Professional driver. Closed road. Do not attempt.

VO: We all drive, but what do you drive for?

Visual Transition: We then cut to a male driver, taking his red Jeep off track on mountain roads.

Visual Transition: We quickly cut to a city driver speeding up inside a motorway tunnel.

VO: I drive for the sound

Visual Transition: We then cut to another male driver turning his car on a winding mountain road.

VO: I drive for turns like this

Visual Transition: The shot changes to one inside a family car, showing an Asian woman calmly driving on a rural road. Her dog looks out of the window.

VO: I drive for my best friend

Visual Transition: We change shot to one of a rally car racing on a mountain road. We see how the two drivers control the car as it jumps and hangs in mid-air, at speed, on a section of the bumpy track. 

VO: We drive for the air time.

Visual Transition:  The shot changes once more as we see an Asian businessman parking his car at a valet parking area next to a business complex. The driver hands his car keys to an attendant.   

VO: I drive for success

Visual Transition: We then cut to family car, calmly driving over a bridge at slow speed. In the distance, we see an Asian city colourfully lit up at night. 

VO: I drive for these night lights.

Visual Transition: We cut back to the Jeep driver we saw at the start of the film, skilfully driving his Jeep up a mountain hill.

VO: I drive for the uphill battle.

Visual Transition: The film then cuts to a quiet city road at night. We see a car gradually speed up as seen in the close up shot of the speed dials.

VO: I drive for the acceleration

Visual Transition: We then cut to a close-up shot of a professional racing driver inside his car, helmet on, speeding up towards the camera. 

VO: Hey! I drive for that too

Text: Premium technology Partner of BMW Motorsport

Visual Transition: The shot quickly switches to another professional driver in a different car as he drifts around a corner in front of spectators. The car then drives towards the camera as a cloud of red and white smoke shows in the background.

VO: We understand why you drive

Visual Transition: We then cut to a red background, as a ‘mist’ of natural gas quickly forms the shape of a bottle of Shell Helix Ultra Motor Oil.

VO: Shell Helix fully synthetic motor oils, made from natural gas. Designed for ultimate engine performance.

Text displays: Designed for ultimate engine performance.

Visual Transition: Finally, we cut to the same red vehicle we’ve seen on the film drive across the screen through a tunnel, before the Shell Pecten is seen in the last frame.

VO: Drive on.