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Shell Advance Range

Shell has an established relationship with Euro Car Parts for Shell motorbike oils.

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  • Image of Shell Advance 5W 40, Pureplus Technology, 4T, 100% synthetic Scooter oil container

    Premium motorbike oils

    Revolutionary premium synthetic motorcycle oils made from natural gas; first of its kind from Shell Advance.ULTRA: Shell Advance 4T Ultra with PurePlus Technology, is our top tier 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil. This 100% synthetic Ultra tier comes in 10W/40 and 15W/50 viscosity grade, with SN and MA2 specification The fully synthetic Shell Advance 4T Ultra is made from pure and clear base oil—made from natural gas. It also contains a motorcycle specific additive pack with unique Active Cleansing Technology.Shell Advance 4T Ultra has been race proven and endorsed by leading motorcycle manufacturers such as Ducati.AX7: Synthetic –based AX7 tier is offered in 10W/30, 10W/40 and 15W/50 viscosity, with SM and MA2 specification. AX7’s part synthetic content consists of Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) base oil and motorcycle specific additive pack with Active Cleansing Technology.

  • Choose the most suitable viscosity for your 4-stroke engine from the wide Shell Advance mainstream  motorcycle oil family.AX5: This mainstream tier Shell Advance 4T AX5 is our conventional 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil with the most viscosity grades: 10W/30, 10W/40, 15W/40, 15W/50, 20W/40 and 20W/50, in SL, MA specification.AX5 is made up of premium mineral base oil and motorcycle specific additive pack with Active Cleansing Technology.

  • Shell Advance quality basic 4-stroke motorcycle oil is good value for money.Shell Advance 4T AX3 and AX3 ColdStart are our basic tier 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil. It is made up of quality mineral base oil and motorcycle specific additive pack with Active Cleansing Technology.  AX3 is SG & MA certified with the following viscosity grades:AX3 Cold Start: 5W-30,10W-30,AX3: SAE-40, 15W-40, 20W-40, 20W-50.Shell Advance AX2 is an entry level mineral based 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil, that is offered in 10W/30 & 15W/40 (SF specification) only for the China market.

DUCATI Shell’s Technical Partnership with Ducati Corse Shell’s Technical Partnership with Ducati Corse began in 1999 when Shell supported Ducati in the Superbike World Championship. In 2003, the multiple title-winning collaboration began contesting the MotoGP World Championship together. The partnership has since gone on to become one of the strongest and most successful within the motorcycle world.Shell’s involvement in premier class motorcycle racing has helped develop the Shell Advance lubricant and Shell V-Power fuel for the road, so that bikers all over the world can benefit from the cutting-edge technology developed on the track. The transfer of knowledge gained from the track to Shell’s products for the road is central to the Technical Partnership with Ducati, as MotoGP provides the most extreme test bed for Shell’s products.


Shell Distributors

To provide the best products and services it can to its customers, Shell Lubricants has signed distribution agreements with selected key Distributors highlighted below, to sell Shell lubricants and greases in the UK. Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products, and our Distributors are fully supported by dedicated Shell Technical Advisors. Our Distributors are trusted and approved ambassadors of Shell Lubricants and of the Shell brand in the UK, and have established strong technical, logistical and commercial expertise that they can offer customers.