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A person fully dressed in black with a black helmet riding a ducati bike

Shell Advance Motorbike Oils

We know that when your bike is in peak condition it offers you a high degree of reliability and enhanced control, giving you an enjoyable ride at all times. Shell Advance has designed a range of products for different types of bikes and riding styles. The product portfolio consists of 4T and scooter oil. It has the most comprehensive viscosity offerings across 100% synthetic, synthetic-technology and mineral oil grades.


  • A person fully dressed in black with a black helmet riding a ducati bike on a busy motorway

    Power retention

    Stay powerful: zero loss in horsepower when oil degrades, it can create friction that reduces engine efficiency and leads to power loss. Shell Advance Ultra does not degrade between oil changes, so your bikes can perform at it’s best.
    *Based on Shell Internal test data using Honda Wave 125cc motorcycles measured at first 1000th and 13000th km mileage coverage, with extended oil change interval of 6000km.

  • A person fully dressed in black with a black helmet riding a ducati bike on a downhill curved slope

    Fuel economy

    Ride longer: 5km more per litre of fuel Shell Advance Ultra minimises deposit build-up that can lead to frictional losses, allowing for more efficient power transmission, leading to better fuel economy.
    *Compared average results of Shell Advance Ultra 10W-40 to those of Shell Advance AX5 20W-40, using Shell Gasohol 91 unleaded gasoline, on Honda Wave 125cc motorcycles after engine break-in over 6000 km intervals - Fuel consumption can be influenced by other factors including traffic conditions, bike type and riding behaviour.

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    Oil drain interval

    Go further between oil changes volatility and oil oxidation leads to oil degradation. Shell Advance Ultra has lower volatility and better oxidation stability, which means it does not degrade within 6000km, which is twice the typical oil drain interval.
    *Shell Advance Ultra lasts two times a typical oil change interval of 3000km. Follow your bike OEM’s recommendation for oil change interval as it may vary for different bike makes and models. Oil drain interval can be influenced by other factors including fuel quality and riding behaviour.

The Shell Advance lubricant container, open lid with waves of lubricants flowing across a blue lit sky. 

Shell Advance

The best oils for your bike

Motorcycle engines operate in a compact, high stress and high heat environment, and need a dedicated motorcycle oil to lubricate and protect the engines, gear box and clutch, all within a relatively small oil sump. The engine oil stress factor in a motorcycle can be three times that of a car.That is why Shell developed our patented Shell PurePlus Technology that converts pure natural gas into the first-of-its-kind, high quality full synthetic base oil used in Shell Advance Ultra—our range of top-tier motorcycle oil. A clean motorcycle engine helps provide better engine efficiency, performance and protection. Bikers enjoy power retention, fuel economy and oil durability benefits with the use of Shell Advance motorcycle oils

Shell Advance PurePlus Technology