Vicki devotes much of her spare time to her true passion: racing. Vicki started racing 100cc karts against the likes of David Coulthard when she was 12, and still races today in whatever she can - most recently a Ferrari F430 and Honda NSX. We caught up with the high powered former racing instructor to learn more about her passion for driving.

What was your first car?

MG Metro. I loved it because it had a rev counter and red seat belts - I'm clearly easily pleased!

Dream car?

Lamborghini Diablo GT - it's been my favourite car since 1999 and nothing I've driven since has eclipsed it. Yet.

Dream passenger?

Nobody! I love being on my own with a great car and a demanding road or racing circuit. But if I had to pick a passenger I'd quite like Ewan McGregor please.

Tell us about your favourite road trip.

My husband and I drove from the UK to Portugal in a BMW M3 over the course of a week a few years ago, stopping at lovely hotels along the way. We detoured off the motorways to enjoy some good country roads and views too.

What’s your favourite movie car chase?

Anything from James Bond - but the opening sequence of Quantum of Solace had me on the edge of my seat.

What do you think about when you’re driving?

I try and stay focused on what the car is doing and what people are doing around me - I enjoy anticipating other peoples' moves because it keeps me as safe as possible. Other than that, I'm singing.

What’s in your glove box?

A bag of coins for parking meters, pen, wind-up torch and some CDs.

Best driving song?

Anything by Duran Duran because it reminds me of being a head-strong youngster.

What’s your favourite driving memory?

Racing karts as a teenager around the UK.

Tell us about your current cars.

I have a 9-year-old 4.4-litre V8 Range Rover and a Ford B-Max which has rear sliding doors that are perfect for family life around town.

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