“I’m Smithy and whilst I love my job as a presenter at Sky, my real dream was always to become a professional footballer, pulling the strings at Spurs. To be fair, I did spend a few years playing semi-pro but, making it to the big time? That was completely out of my reach. It did make me wonder, though – what does it really take to become a top footballer?

So, to get a real insight into elite-level football, I teamed up with Shell V-Power (Shell's best performance fuel) and BMW M to see if there's any chance I'll be putting it on a plate for Harry Kane any time soon. To aid me, I'm enlisting the help of Jamie Velocity. Jamie is widely regarded as one of the best individual performance coaches in the world, having worked with the likes of Anthony Joshua, John Terry and Cristiano Ronaldo. So if anyone knows what it takes, it's Jamie. However, so I don't waste too much of Jamie's time, I sought the advice of three celebrity mentors on performing under pressure.”

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