Not got a smartphone?

STEP 1 - Check the website to locate your nearest participating Shell Service station.

STEP 2 - Call before you go

Find the phone number and the station code from the website and then call to check they can help you, before you make the journey.

STEP 3 - Call when you arrive

Use the phone number and the station code on the posters at the Service Station, to let the staff know you have arrived.

STEP 4 - Choose how to pay

You can pay by cash or card.*

Terms and Conditions

FuelService and Fill Up & Go are available at selected service stations only.  The fuelservice app is not owned, or provided by Shell.  Please see and for terms and conditions.  Do not use a mobile phone whilst driving. Drive responsibly and always follow the High Way Code. *Contactless or chip and signature card required. 

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