Shell Fulham features nine high-powered, ultra-rapid 175kW charge points which can charge most vehiclesfrom 0-80% within 10 minutes – three times faster than more widely used 50kW rapid chargers.

Commenting on the new site, István Kapitány, Shell’s Global Executive Vice President for Mobility said, “EV drivers are looking for a charging experience that is as fast, convenient and comfortable as possible. This is exactly what Shell Fulham aims to offer. It joins our growing network of Shell Recharge sites at forecourts and other locations, our ubitricity on-street charging network, and our Shell Recharge Solutions for homes and businesses as we increasingly help EV drivers to charge wherever they need it. It also gives us all a glimpse into the future of mobility.”

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison said, "It's fantastic to see Shell leading the way with their brand-new charging hub, offering EV drivers an easy and rapid charging experience. With more people making the switch to EVs than ever before, this is exactly the type of facility we need to help make the transition as simple as possible for drivers up and down the country. This Government has committed £2.5bn to vehicle grants and infrastructure to support the switch to EVs. In addition to Government efforts, it is equally encouraging to see businesses support the EV transition – and Shell’s new hub is a brilliant example of the UK's huge effort to go-green and reach our important net-zero targets.”

Shell Fulham features a sustainable design including a timber canopy with built-in solar panels, and roof and shop windows that employ double glazing with high insulating properties. Like all of Shell’s EV chargers in the UK, including those at over 100 Shell forecourts, the chargers at Shell Fulham run on 100% certified renewable electricity2.

The hub includes a comfortable seating area, free Wi-Fi, a Costa Coffee cafe and an extensive Little Waitrose & Partners.

With more than 130 full or hybrid electric vehicle models now available to buyers, EV sales in the UK are accelerating rapidly. In December 2021, 27,705 EVs were sold, making up 25.5% of all new registrations that month.3 For sales and utilisation of EVs to continue accelerating, investment in charging infrastructure will likewise need to grow apace.

Shell has previously stated an ambition to install 50,000 on-street chargers in the UK by 2025 through Shell-owned company ubitricity, and in July 2021 announced that up to 800 Shell electric vehicle charging points would be installed in as many as 100 Waitrose sites across the UK by 2025.

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Notes to Editors:

  • Our renewable electricity is certified by REGOs meaning that all electricity Shell purchase to supply our Shell Recharge sites is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK
  • We now have 119 Shell Recharge electric vehicle charging points on our forecourts in the UK. We have plans to grow our EV charging network to over 5,000 EV charge points on forecourts and in new locations by 2025
  • In December 2021 Shell Recharge was voted “Best universal charging network” in the 2022 DrivingElectric Awards
  • In September 2021, Shell set an ambition to have 50,000 on-street electric vehicle charge posts installed across the UK by the end of 2025 through Shell-owned ubitricity
  • Shell announce Shell Recharge partnership with Waitrose

1 The speed of charge depends on the vehicle and battery. The 150kW chargers will give the fastest car the vehicle can accept.

2 Our renewable electricity is certified by REGOs, meaning that all electricity Shell purchases to supply our Shell Recharge sites is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK.

3 Data taken from SMMT:

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