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For more details, including:

  • Detailed case studies of all participating cab drivers
  • Photography from Shell training day
  • Photography from RSA workshop
  • Shell’s Fuel Efficiency Tips
  • Information on Shell’s other work on fuel efficiency
  • The chance to take an AA Drive Smart eco-driving lesson

About the Smarter Cab Drivers challenge

18 drivers took part in the challenge from ten cities across Britain.14 of the participants were equipped with state of the art telemetry technology to track their driving behaviour for them, while a further 4 drivers tracked their performance themselves manually, to see whether a hands-on or automatic approach delivered the greater improvement.

All drivers received training sessions from the AA (Automobile Association), and Shell specialists to give them the inside track on the easy efficiency improvements they can make to their vehicle and the way they drive.

Top fuel efficiency tips for drivers

Inner city
1) Maintain momentum
2) Drive smoothly
3) Avoid over revving
4) Avoid excess idling
5) Avoid Air Con – open window instead
6) Avoid excess weight

1) Keep your distance
2) Use higher gears
3) Keep speed down
4) Use aircon instead of opening windows
5) Use cruise control

Inside the Mind of a Cabbie report

Following a series of workshops with the drivers held during May and June 2011, RSA and Shell produced an interim study report entitled 'Inside the Mind of the Cabbie'.  The report explores the day-to-day issues cab drivers face in great detail and provides initial recommendations and suggestions as to how they can be influenced to drive more fuel-efficiently.

You can download the report in full at the following link:

Shell and Fuel Efficiency

Shell recognise the impact of fuel prices on consumers, and know we have an important role to play in helping the world meet its growing need for energy in economically, socially and environmentally responsible ways. We are doing this in a number of ways, from reducing our CO2 footprint to developing products, such as Shell FuelSave fuels, that help consumers get the most out of every drop. We are also encouraging smarter use of products via campaigns such as the 2010 Smarter Families and this Smarter Cab Drivers campaign.


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The AA has teamed up with Shell to provide practical advice to cab drivers on fuel efficient driving, giving each driver a tailored version of its Drive Smart eco-driving lessons based on Shell’s driving tips. 


The drivers’ performance was tracked in real time on Telemetry and technology for the website was supplied by Shell's technology partner, Airbiquity. Airbiquity is the global leader in the design, operation and management of connectivity infrastructure. With 13 million vehicles on the road today, the company’s expertise and experience enables intelligent transportation services for category leaders in the automotive, navigation and fleet industries. To learn more about Airbiquity, visit