The Family Science Day comes at the end of a week of science workshops in ten primary schools across the North East which saw almost 900 school children exploring and questioning science in a fun, hands-on way.

“The aim of Shell Family Science Days is to help encourage the whole family to take part and enjoy investigative science together” said Alex Baird, Plant Installation Manager at Shell’s St Fergus Gas Plant.

The Family Science Day, which is supported by Shell staff and students from Banff and Buchan College and Fraserburgh Academy, saw primary school pupils from all over the North East, and their families, taking part in practical science activities featuring the morse code family challenge (electricity) and hoopsters (energy transfer).

Martin Wesley, one of the workshop leaders from the Shell Education Service, said: “Children are naturally inquisitive so when they are given the chance to experiment with science their excitement is there for everyone to see.  Having fun investigating science at an early age can encourage children to take that interest to secondary education and beyond and this is what we hope to achieve through our workshops and Family Days”.

Alex Baird, Plant Installation Manager at Shell’s St Fergus Gas Plant, said: “It is fantastic that SES continues to reach 60,000 children each year across the UK, involving them in science activities like those here today.” 

He added: “Scotland has a rich scientific heritage with some significant inventions such as penicillin, the telephone and even the television! If we are to encourage ingenuity we must get children engaged from an early age. We are delighted to have welcomed so many young scientists from all over the North East and hope that they begin to see science as a fun and rewarding career.”

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