These vessels will service the long-term underwater services contract Subsea 7 has with Shell for inspection, repair and maintenance programmes, capital projects and decommissioning works across Shell’s European offshore fields and facilities.

“The Shell underwater services contract is an ongoing long-term relationship with Subsea 7 which commenced in 1984. Shell’s subsea operations will benefit from the introduction of these technically advanced vessels as we continue our significant investment in the North Sea.” said John Gallagher, Vice President Technical, Shell Upstream Europe.

This event highlighted the significant impact the introduction of these new vessels will have on the North Sea market and beyond. The Seven Atlantic in particular represents a huge step forward in North Sea diving productivity and capacity.

The vessel is one of the largest and most capable DSV's in the world and, at 140 metres long and 26 metres wide, the vessel only just fits into Aberdeen Harbour. It is also very efficient, designed to operate for at least 60 days offshore without re-supply and will be able to operate in harsher North Sea weather conditions than has been possible previously with similar vessels.

The Normand Subsea is also one of the most capable vessels of its kind with advanced Remotely Operated Vehicle launch and recovery systems and a focus on achieving year round availability in harsh environments, including ice.

“These vessels represent a significant investment in the next generation of diving and diverless operations and have the capability to significantly improve efficiencies and productivity in the North Sea market.” Steph McNeill, Subsea 7’s UK Vice President, commented.

The Normand Subsea commenced operations for Shell in late 2009 and the Seven Atlantic will depart for her first workscope at the end of March.

For more information on the new vessels, visit the Subsea 7 website.

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