The Science Museum’s ‘atmosphere’ gallery, supported by Shell, will play a key role in helping people understand climate science.

‘atmosphere’ includes interactive exhibits and a variety of displays to explain how the climate system works and summarises the current state of knowledge about climate science.

James Smith, Chairman Shell UK said at today’s opening ceremony: “The atmosphere gallery promotes better public understanding of climate science. I hope this can lead to a better appreciation of why we in Shell believe climate change has to be tackled.  We are facing the challenge of meeting growing global energy demand while reducing emissions.  That is why companies, Shell included, are developing new technologies for lower carbon energy.”

atmosphere will attract large numbers of visitors from the UK and around the world. It also has an outreach programme for schools and extensive online learning resources to extend its impact beyond the Museum. 

Shell is continuing its support for the Science Museum, having previously sponsored the very popular Launchpad gallery.

James Smith, continues: “Knowing how the atmosphere works is essential to looking after it. The physics and chemistry of the atmosphere is complex and fascinating. I hope the gallery will be especially interesting for young people. I hope it will stimulate their interest in science and the natural world and encourage them to take up studies in science and technology.”

The Science Museum sponsorships complement Shell’s other investments in UK science education, including the now 50 year old Shell Education Service (SES).  SES provides a series of unique, interactive physical science workshops to over 60,000 young children a year in over 600 hundred primary schools. SES also organises science days for local communities and trainee teachers, building their confidence and skills in teaching science. 

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