Opening in November 2010, the £4m climate science gallery will transform the second floor of the Science Museum’s Wellcome Wing, its contemporary science hub.  It will sit alongside two other new galleries which open in June 2010.

Prof. Chris Rapley CBE, Director of the Science Museum, said: “The Science Museum aims to provide the answers to people’s questions about the science of climate change, becoming a trusted destination for public engagement with climate science.

The scientific community has, with some exceptions, concluded that climate change is real, largely driven by humans and requires a response. Our exhibition will deliver an immersive, enjoyable and memorable experience that explains their work and results and shows how science and technology can contribute to a low-carbon future.

James Smith, Chairman, Shell UK said “whatever the distractions, the dangers of climate change haven’t gone away. This amazing new gallery explores how people can get the energy they need for the carbon emissions the planet can afford. Well done the Science Museum!”

This activity will form part of Shell’s sponsorship and social investment portfolio which aims to support a range of ventures related to science, education and climate change. Jamie Walls, Vice President UK Communications says “we are excited to be part of this new collaboration and to be supporting such a revered institution to communicate this really important issue”.  

Visitors to the gallery will be able to find out about the science of the climate system, how climate has changed in the past and the work that scientists do to improve their understanding of the climate. They will also be able to discover how scientists have predicted changes to our climate in the future as well as developments in science and technology to respond to these changes.

As the project develops an accompanying website will provide further access to this detailed content for a much wider audience. The Museum will also run an engaging and lively three year programme of public events, school and community outreach activity, educational resources, and new art works and interventions in existing Science Museum galleries.

Visitor Information
The climate science gallery opens in November 2010 and will be free to visit

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