Take a ride into a cleaner future

From the weird to the wonderful, and the sublime to the ridiculous. Learn more about the vehicles that have caught your attention and will be driving us into the future.

"The Toyota Mirai - the world’s first mass produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, has a claimed range of 312 miles on a single tank."

Mission Control to Team Omega
Meet the team

Meet the teams

Who are they? Where do they come from? Most importantly, what makes a Travel Hacker tick. You’ll find all you need to know about our intrepid teams, here.

Tips & tricks for lower CO2 emission driving

Change your driving style.

  • Find out how switching gear, reducing idle time and smarter braking can contribute to lower emissions.

Avoid unnecessary emissions 

  • There are choices we must make on every journey if we want to reduce emissions.

Keep your vehicle at peak efficiency 

  • Do you know the key components that can influence your vehicle’s emissions?

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control room

Behind each team there's a Mission Control

These are our experts in calculation and computation, longitude and latitude, chemistry and physics, and if you’re ever stuck without wheels, these guys can locate whatever you need, anywhere in the world.

Watch Season 1: LA to NYC

This where our challenge began, a US road trip adventure like no other. Join two teams, going 3,000 miles coast to coast on one amazing lower CO2 emissions challenge, with a little help from Kayley Cuoco and her friends in mission control.

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Featured Content

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen could play a significant role in the transition to a cleaner, low-carbon energy system, and Shell is part of several initiatives to encourage the adoption of hydrogen in transport.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are expected to play an increasingly important role in transport, and Shell is working to meet the charging needs of electric vehicle drivers.

Nature-Based Solutions

The world needs a range of measures to limit carbon dioxide emissions while meeting rising energy demand. Find out about nature-based solutions and what Shell is doing to support them.

About The Great Travel Hack

Find out how the CO2 emissions were measured and catch up with Sam, Jordan and Jamie on how The Great Travel Hack has influenced them.