At Shell we are tackling these twin challenges in a number of ways:

Around the world, we are producing and distributing more cleaner, lower-carbon natural gas. It now accounts for around half of the energy we produce. When burnt to generate power it produces half the C02 that coal does. 

Natural gas also has a long-term role as a flexible back up to intermittent energy sources like solar and wind. A gas-fired plant can start up or stand down much more rapidly than a coal-fired plant.

We are working hard to improve energy efficiency in our own operations. All of our major facilities have detailed energy management plans in place. 

We are continuing our development of cleaner, more advanced biofuels. Raizen, our biofuels joint-venture with Cosan in Brazil, already produces around two billion litres a year of biofuel from sugar cane. It’s also developing advanced biofuels from leaves, bark and other sugar-cane waste.

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We have been able to develop and apply new technology to fields that has made it possible to recover more precious resources.