Young women need heroes in STEM. Actress Letitia Wright is no stranger to the world of superheroes, but as she reveals in an exclusive series of interviews, women breaking into these subjects are even more inspiring.

The world is facing an energy challenge. The only way we can solve this challenge is to work together. Yet women are under-represented in STEM subjects – the science, technology, engineering and maths that we need to innovate more and cleaner energy for the future.

“You have to see something to understand that you can do it – that’s why I feel representation is so important,” Letitia says. “I really want to see what it takes to be involved in the STEM movement – I call it a movement, because I feel it’s very powerful.”

Letitia Wright and Anne-Marie Imafidon talk heroic changes for women

Letitia’s most recent role as a female scientist in the biggest superhero franchise of the year sparked her desire to discover some real heroes of STEM.  

She met with Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE. Anne-Marie is the real thing: a science educator, and maths prodigy, she co-founded STEMettes, a not-for-profit organisation to support young girls in STEM.

“To me, STEM is all about creativity and altruism,” Anne-Marie tells Letitia. “So, it’s really important to have different types of stories, different types of people, different journeys. If you can see it, you can be it.”

Letitia meets the young women of Shell Eco-marathon

From a racing driver inspired by Kimi Raikkonen, a radio host addressing diversity in science, a newly-qualified karate black belt, and a student following in the footsteps of her mechanical engineer grandmother, the women of Shell Eco-marathon are truly diverse. And it’s that diversity that can help #makethefuture

“The whole point of engineering is to solve problems in the world, says Shaniyaa, one of the young engineers.

“You are only limited by your imagination in engineering,” adds apprentice Hannah. “If you can think it, you can draw it, you can design it. If you can draw it and design it, you can make it. It fascinates me, to have that process.”

Image of Letitia Wright sat in Shell Eco-marathon car with three students helping her buckle her belt
Image of Letitia Wright being filmed behind-the-scenes outside of Here East building with camera and crew member

Engineering Real-life Heroes

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Shell Eco-marathon is a global competition for students who are passionate about developing innovative mobility solutions. The programme aims to inspire young people to become science and engineering leaders of the future.

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