The Shell Graduate Programme

In the Corporate Functions area of the Shell Graduate Programme, you'll experience a three-year training programme that includes two 18-month job rotations. From day one, you'll benefit from being given real responsibility with our highly experienced IT teams, working alongside major global corporations such as Microsoft, SAP and IBM. We seek innovators and visionaries who can work alongside our leading IT experts to push the boundaries of Shell’s operations. You could gain experience on groundbreaking projects while exploring your creativity and developing your leadership skills.

Information Technology

Do you have a capacity for teamwork, commercial aptitude and a taste for problem solving? With these qualities you'll feel at home in our IT team, working alongside talented professionals on a range of highly complex business functions, from finance through to engineering. At Shell, we are continuously innovating, so the working environment is fast-paced and challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

'The Internet of Things powers the future of energy.'

Rene Honig, Shell VP Strategy & Innovation

On our Graduate Programme you’ll join friendly and supportive teams where you will collaborate with world-leading technology and systems professionals. Your curiosity and problem solving skills will be applied to roles such as Business Analyst, Project Manager, IT Architect, Data Manager or Application Delivery Analyst. Join us to create something remarkable together.

You will embark on a three-year training programme that includes two 18-month job rotations. You’ll benefit from being given real responsibility within a team that is a part of one of the largest in-house technology functions in the world. You’ll work alongside suppliers such as Microsoft, SAP and IBM.

With hands-on experience on groundbreaking projects and guidance from some of the leading experts in business technology management you will develop your leadership qualities and become an accomplished Shell professional, while keeping your creative flair alive.

"When you’re involved in a big project you start to talk about making change. The work I do makes a difference to our organisation and customers – it’s visible."

Yongqin Du, Shell UK Graduate from the Business Technology Programme

'There are a lot of bytes in a barrel.'

Rene Honig, Shell VP Strategy & Innovation

Annmarie McGann

Annmarie sharing her experience

Role: Programme Analyst, Downstream Information Risk Management

“This work gives me the satisfaction knowing that the work that I’m implementing is having an impact.”

Projects with a real business impact

Right now, I am working with the Retail business on the Information Risk Management programme about cyber-security. I have been working on our payment compliance programme; it’s ensuring that, we as a company are robust enough to protect our consumer data. So for things like credit card numbers, addresses, dates of birth, names, things like that, are secure so that our customers know and trust us as a company.

It is really interesting because I feel like what I’m being asked to deliver, is contributing to our general business direction and I’m able to see that, and follow that through. So for me, it gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that the work that I’m implementing is having an impact. So I like that, and I take a lot of pride in that.

Real work-life balance

Everyone really values work-life balance. Unlike a lot of places, graduates are not expected to come in and work 12-hour days just because you are new. People are willing to be flexible as long as you’re delivering, and that’s what they value above and beyond.

Diversity and Inclusion

I discovered the Shell graduate programme through a company called EmployAbility, which advertises Diversity and Inclusion friendly companies. I myself have an invisible illness, so I looked favourably upon the fact that they were being advertised by that company. In my experience, the environment has been very friendly and accepting, and where you do need things like reasonable adjustments that I’ve asked for in the past to help me, people have just gone over and above to help me do that.

Karen Nassif

Karen Nassif sharing her experience

Role: Business Analyst in Trading & Shipping

“Generating value for the business”

Simple solutions on a global scale

I’m currently working on the Global Cargo Tracking Tool; we already know where the ships that carry Crude are in the world, however, we also need to know the other ships that carry other products. They could be carrying Jet fuel or lubricants and I am currently deploying this on ships so that we track and estimate their time of arrival at destinations. It enables Traders to make better decisions on supply and demand. Currently they’re doing it on spreadsheets.

Generating real business value

I worked a small project, tweaking the process for Hedging and this generated a lot for the business. It’s about being selective on what to do and which items will deliver solutions that will deliver value for the business.

IT for an Energy Company

On the Graduate Programme, there is no need to have technical skills to complete the job. It’s about ensuring the business and stakeholders get maximum value from IT and how technology can work for the business. 

Inspiring colleagues

At Shell there is a really great community. I feel part of a very diverse and a very young, ambitious community that is dedicated to better Shell and to better themselves every day.

The time to learn and grow

Shell has been great on learning and development. They are truly dedicated to train their graduates and to make sure that they get all the training they need in order to perform their job. They give us the time and are patient while we learn and get up to speed, so that we then have all the skills that allow us to make real contributions to the company.

Ryan Foreman

Ryan Foreman sharing his experience

Role: Project Analyst, Tactical And Competitive IT (TACit)

So much more than coding

My role in Shell is working on our big data system which collects all of our Shell retail customers’ information from across the 43,000 sites we have throughout the world. I get to take this information and use it to identify solutions to enhance the customers’ experience.

There is a perception that working in technology is just coding, programming, answering a phone, or being a support desk. At Shell it is so much more. We’re trying to identify solutions, trying to add value directly to the business.

Developing the skills to succeed and lead

At Shell the learning and development goes beyond just IT skills. We get to develop our leadership skills through courses that bring together graduates from all over the world. I’ve met people from Iraq, Norway, Australia, and it’s all about finding how you will develop as a leader. When you come into the Shell graduate scheme, you’re not just seen as being somebody who works in IT, you’re seen as somebody who’s in an IT skill pool that’s going to be a future leader.

A strong IT network that spans new grads to senior leaders

The community we’ve got in the business technology scheme is great. Connect IT is our community of young IT professionals and graduates here in the UK. It spans brand new graduates coming day one, but we’ve also got more senior and experienced people that have been here for 10 or 15 years. That’s one of the really good things about working in Shell, is that senior leaders are so accessible. They’re more than happy to just grab a coffee with you or talk about a career opportunity.

Opportunities on a Global scale

The reason why I wanted to work for Shell was because of the scale that they work on. It’s really attractive to me to work in a global company. Not just in terms of where we’re working across the world, but in terms of the scope of projects and experiences I can available. For example, I can work in upstream, which is engineering, very focused on big assets such as oil platforms, all the way down to fast-moving consumer goods where I’m working now. There are always opportunities to learn something new or meet different people, which is just fantastic.

Stijn van den Enden

Stijn van den Enden

Role: Business Analyst in Downstream IT Manufacturing

“At Shell, I’m being challenged”

Broad focus: multiple disciplines and cultures

What I love about my job is that it focuses on working with multiple disciplines and cultures. I am mainly working with people in planning, operations, maintenance and of course IT. Getting all these different stakeholders aligned is my first challenge. Once I’ve managed to get them aligned I have to make sure they work together to get the optimal solution. Making this happen is definitely the best feeling I can get!

Impact on the business

Working in the Pernis Refinery, I spoke to staff in the control rooms to update software and hardware to ensure that production was smooth and efficient. Being on the ground meant I could see exactly what was happening and improve operational efficiency by speaking to colleagues directly.

Connected to create better solutions

Social life in Pernis is great. The graduate network, Young Shell, organises lots of social, educational and fun events. Besides these regularly planned events, every month there are weekly lunch as well as dinner and drinks. With Networks like this, I am able to share my experience with them and leverage each other for support.

Working with highly skilled collaborative people

When I was looking for a job, I also considered to work for a consultancy firm. I chose Shell because I already worked there as a contractor and I felt that I was challenged most during that period. Working with highly skilled people from various backgrounds gave me perspective that I wouldn't have seen before. In the near future, I would also like to work abroad, since Shell has a presence in many countries. Shell has a collaborative culture and the working hours are flexible, meaning that I am able to see my friends and have a social life.


“To align all stakeholders and make sure they work together to get the optimal solution is the best feeling!”

Thijs Voets

 Thijs Voets

Role: Project Analyst

“A new challenge in every project”

Managing multiple projects in my first role

In my first role I was using IT to supporting the HR function. I was working on 11+ projects, transitioning projects and turning them in live services for the business. Ensuring that the projects are handed over to the support, and that the work is sustainable and maintainable in the long run. This project was a great experience because not only did it allow me to work with a number of different stakeholders, but also gave me some great insights into project delivery and service delivery at Shell.

The company really values your abilities

The company really put a lot of trust in me, which allowed me to try different things on my projects. I was given guidance and support, but really had a lot of discretion over how I did my work which made the work very rewarding.

Projects with tangible results

When deciding where to work two things really stood out about Shell. First, the size of the company appealed to me because it allows for a wide variety of opportunities and experiences that you normally would not get from one company. Second, I really was drawn to the fact that graduates get to do two different roles that both have tangible results. The projects have real world value, and you do not feel like you are spending all your time on a project that will have no real meaning in the future.

Roles and responsibilities

Working on rotation will provide you with an on-the-job insight into various functions of this highly technical division. Roles include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Manager
  • IT Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Service Delivery Manager

Your responsibilities could include:

  • Implementing global projects
  • Providing IT consultancy and technical development
  • Developing proposals and performing business analysis

Training and development opportunities

Formal learning modules on the Shell Graduate Programme include Business Analysis, Business Process Improvement and Risk Management. You'll also be coached in various aspects of Shell’s IT functions and experience technical, commercial and leadership training to help you apply your technical knowledge to our business needs. There is a culture of continuous learning at Shell, so in addition to your formal training, you’ll receive ongoing coaching and mentoring, and regular in-depth development checks to ensure you’re on track to reach your potential.

Your rewards and benefits include:

  • The opportunity to work on global projects with external partners
  • A structured development programme, highly valued across the industry
  • Working for a globally recognized brand tackling globally significant challenges
  • Excellent flexibility and work-life balance
  • A minimum starting salary of £32,500 and opportunity for rapid progression
  • Formal learning modules include Business Analysis, Business Process Improvement and Risk Management.

Your background

The Business Technology graduate programme particularly suits graduates of any IT related study or those with a business degree with IT exposure we are also open to other degree courses as long as an interest in the technology field is reflected in your CV.

Your application

When applying for Shell Graduate Programme in Business Technology, please select 'IT' as your Areas of Interest.

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