Bernadette Williamson - General Manager UK
Bernadette Williamson General Manager Shell UK Retail

Start your career at Shell with an exciting investment opportunity

Today's petrol stations are not just about selling fuel. Customers are looking for a broader range of products and services, provided by people who will take the time to understand and meet their needs.

It's not just our relationship with Ferrari that makes Shell service stations the front-runners of retailing. With more than 43,000 outlets serving some 25 million customers globally, we're offering a multiple investment opportunity that's nothing short of world-class.

We're constantly working to improve our business. Consistent, top quality customer service is at the heart of what we do. That's why we're looking for bright, ambitious, business-minded people to help take our business to new levels of success.

If that sounds like something you can help deliver, then you could look forward to a great future as part of our select group of Self-employed Retailers.

We will provide you with excellent training and support to help you make the most of your talents.

Please take a few minutes to read through the below to get all the facts. Then, if you'd like to apply, please complete an application form below.

The retail opportunity

Running a cluster of Shell service stations is a major commitment. Many of our service stations are open 24/7, 365 days a year, so you'll need to be confident that your team can maintain world-class service standards round the clock.

Motivated and well organised, you'll set the standard for the business under your control. You'll need to be the kind of person who can inspire professionalism and get on with all kinds of people - not least your customers. Remember, gaining their repeat business will be absolutely vital to your success - it will be up to you and your team to win them over.

The deal

As a Self-employed Retailer, you'll bring your skills, business approach, enthusiasm and your commitment, while we supply the service stations, fuel, support and a full retailer-training programme. In short, we'll be working together to grow the business within an honest, open environment.

  • You’ll receive commission on all fuel sales as well as income from all shop and car wash sales. You will be expected to pay agreed royalties to Shell.
  • Grow the business and exceed estimated sales while controlling your costs, and your income will increase accordingly.
  • Shell determines the core product range within the shop, but you will be able to include some agreed local ranges and set up your own prices to certain maximum limits.
  • You own the shop stock and set up your own prices to certain maximum limits.
  • You employ and manage your own staff.

Returns on your investment

Your income will depend on the type of stations you run and their locations, but you can look forward to potential earnings of between £65,000 and £80,000 per annum (for a cluster of six sites), with the opportunity for additional earnings if you exceed targets and control your costs.
Please note, these figures are not guaranteed.

We will require security in the form of a bank guarantee. The amount can vary depending on the cluster characteristics and the results of your credit assessment. A working capital amount will also be required to fund your business in order to purchase initial shop stock.

Earnings and numbers of sites may vary and are not guaranteed.

Supporting your success

Initially, you’ll receive supervised work experience and an on-site training programme at a Shell service station that is tailored to suit your requirements. As you progress, we'll develop your abilities through a series of tailored training courses.

Meet Garry

“I started out my career as a management accountant, before moving into the retail industry and working my way up to being the Managing Director of blue chip organisations.
I had always wanted to run my own business, and after seeing the Shell Self-employed Retailer advert, I felt this was the perfect opportunity to use the skills that I had developed and reap the rewards of an affordable, sensible and personal investment while having the support mechanism of a leading global brand like Shell.

After successfully completing the recruitment process, I started six weeks of training. Training took place predominantly on site, and by the end of the induction I felt more than ready to take on my first site. I received the keys to my first four sites in May 2012, but I am now successfully running a cluster of six with more sites on the way.

The great thing about Shell is that they offer the flexibility to progress at your own pace. Retailers start off with anything between two to four sites and you increase this as you develop your knowledge and experience.
I feel really lucky to have joined Shell when I did.”

Meet Sam

Before becoming a retailer for Shell, Sam had built a 20-year career in the retail industry working his way up to general manager level with market-leading companies in the DIY, grocery and toy retail industries. He had reached the peak of his career and felt the time was right to be self-employed. He had been self-employed in his younger days and always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Shell retailer advert appealed to him as being a great halfway point. Sam was able to enjoy the freedoms of self-employment while still having the backing and support of a company like Shell. The knowledge and experiences gained throughout his career proved really valuable to him as he progressed through the selection and training processes before taking on three sites in his local area. Sam has really enjoyed his time with Shell so far. It’s hard work with lots of challenges, but the brand, his territory manager and on-site staff have all helped him along the way.

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