Our Asset Maintenance Engineers boost our bottom line by optimising technical performance.

Our Maintenance, Reliability and Turnarounds professionals work in some of the most exciting locations in the world

At Shell, we believe that maintenance is a vital component of our drive for global competitiveness. Our vast and versatile team of maintenance engineers offers expertise to support oil and gas production facilities, refineries and chemical sites – both onshore and offshore.

Asset maintenance

We’re in search of talented and ambitious asset maintenance engineers to boost our bottom line through optimising the technical performance of our installations. 

Requiring a collaborative work ethic, sound technical knowledge and an ability to problem-solve, you will work closely with engineers from a wide range of disciplines. Your responsibilities could include maintaining the safety and environmental integrity of our operating assets, and providing technical support to the delivery of cost effective solutions that enable Shell to compete in the global marketplace.

Maintenance and turnarounds

Maintenance of our equipment is a key site activity and an essential part of delivering continued operational excellence at Shell.

We’re looking for skilled engineers to support the maintenance of our assets during both the planned run and turnarounds periods at our sites. To excel at any one of our worldwide locations you’ll need a structured and organised approach to work that supports the effective execution of the maintenance tasks we carry out every day.


Reliability is vital to ensure stable, safe, energy-efficient and low-cost operations that minimise the impact on the environment.

Shell requires talented, problem-solving technical professionals to develop the monitoring, maintenance and investment strategies that help our locations maximise their reliability performance.

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