Pernis is made up of sixty different plants and capable of processing 20 million tons of crude oil per year. The refinery is also very flexible, capable of making all kinds of special products (lubricants, steam, electricity, and sulphur) and responding to the ever changing needs of the market to ensure competitiveness. The dynamic environment here also means every day is different: new challenges, new people and technology to keep you engaged.

Working at Pernis offers real hands on experience with the opportunity to make a real impact. And results are tangible, you can contribute to safe and consistent production and increase reliability. Success here is recognised and rewarded and you will have endless and diverse opportunities to demonstrate your value and grow.

Aside from the professional challenges offered at Pernis, working at the refinery means you would be part of a team, in a close community of 2,000 people where collaboration and safety are key to optimum performance. It is also a community where learning and professional development is highly valued and everyone takes part in quality training and courses covering all aspects of the work. Beyond Pernis, you also have access to a global network of the brightest technical minds, with potential for endless international career opportunities across Shell.

Discover the numbers behind Europe's largest refinery

1. A team of approximately 2000 people work together across 50 different plants.

2. The site covers the same area as 1,000 football pitches.

3. Work to improve energy efficiency at the refinery has resulted in equivalent energy savings as 50,000 cars off the road each year.

4. The site produces approximately 400,000 barrels of oil a day.

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